Cultural Centre

The intention of AIOS is to create together with the other project partners, a local structure – the European Diversity Cultural Centre (EDDC) – meant to support the population, especially the Roma population, to identify real and sustainable solutions to diversify their income. Thus emphasis will be put on the cultural diversity and the identity unity of this area.

The building which will host the European Diversity Cultural Centre is a building in Târnăvioara which will combine European multicultural features. We wish for this building to become a symbol of the potential of the village community to learn more about itself.

Such a building in which the EDDC can fulfill its role of uniting and promoting the cultural diversity of all minorities in Transylvania, must be a structure where complex and different activities can take place. The building is located in the heart of the village, next to the main local institutions.

By means of this project, the building will be completely restored and will become functional again. Both AIOS and the Copșa Mică Town Hall wish to turn this location into a place where different activities recurrently take place, an open door to the community and to recovering the traditional multicultural patrimony of Transylvanian villages.